inflight wifi

about 10 months ago, i posted about my first experience with inflight wifi. how fast we get spoiled......

on tuesday, i was on a flight where the inflight wifi was broken. i was irritated. a year ago, it wouldn't have occurred to me that there might be wifi on a flight, and now i'm irritated when it's broken. (and really, i was happy to be on any operating flight out of boston on tuesday -- logan was a mess in the snow..)

posting from the flight home -- the wifi is working today.

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greetings from texas!

whenever i'm in texas on business, my first dinner is at pappadeaux. boston may be known for seafood, but for those of us who grew up on gulf coast seafood, boston seafood is crap. i start with a bowl of shrimp gumbo, followed by blackened mahi-mahi with a shrimp and crawfish cream sauce. can't get anything like it in boston.. (there are places that try, but as far as i can tell, they all fail miserably.. "blackened" is a novelty in boston. it's a base assumption here.)

of course, i wouldn't recommend ordering clam chowder in texas, either...

flight to nowhere

it's been a few years since i've been on a flight to nowhere. my last flight to nowhere was in 2004, and it went somewhere a few hours later. so, i guess i was overdue.

i just got off of air canada flight 7688 to nowhere, by way of a 20 minute holding pattern off the coast of massachusetts. it took an hour and 51 minutes from takeoff on runway 28 at montreal to landing on runway 24L at montreal. thanks to US preclearance, this lovely trip involved two stops at customs -- US customs before boarding, and canadian customs on my way out again.

the pilot cleverly flew halfway back to montreal before telling us what was going on, so we were starting our descent before we really had a chance to beg for free alcohol.

tomorrow, i get to fly home by way of toronto.

on the bright side, i get an extra starwood stay out of this.

summer in montreal

after my last half dozen trips to montreal, walking a block and a half in bitter cold to work, then walking a block and a half back to hole up in my hotel, it finally feels like summer in montreal! i took an hour walk this evening, from my hotel near the bell centre up to the parks northwest of town and back. the streets were crowded, preparations for the jazz festival were well underway, and the restaurants had their outdoor seating open. on the way back, i took advantage, stopping near st catherine st for dinner, beer, people-watching, and a nice view up mcgill college ave toward the mountain.

why can't it be summer year-round in montreal?

inflight wifi

finally ended up on a flight with gogo wifi. i paid for it more for the novelty than anything.. ($9.95 for flights up to 3 hours, $12.95 for anything longer -- so $9.95 for the flight from atlanta to boston)

i could see 3 other people on it from where i was sitting. the network quality was surprisingly good -- far better than the crappy wifi at the atlanta airport. no hiccups, quick response time.. someone in the row in front of me was watching streaming video sports highlights. i was just thrilled to be able to reload flightaware and see where i was, and keep a few things plodding along at work.

nobody was on skype. :-) they say "no voice calls" in their description of the service, but i don't know if they're actively blocked.

i'd definitely use it again. good day all around on delta, even tho i have no status there. clean planes, on time flights, exit row seats, and one of two flights had wifi. (aim for the MD88's -- they're "days away" from completing wifi installation on the MD88 fleet..)

the back room / montreal

doesn't happen to me often, but this trip, i got sent to secondary inspection at montreal immigration. (this isn't customs, where they go rooting thru my bag -- knock on wood, i've never had that happen -- this is immigration, where they question your eligibility for entry.)

i've been there a couple of times before, and they're always professional, but very thorough. my visit took only about five minutes, but i was third in line, which cost me half an hour. i was behind a refugee and a couple of consultants in need of work permits. (i'm a consultant who doesn't require a work permit, which is why i get sent to secondary from time to time.) this has me considering nexus again. i'm going to be in montreal 10ish times next year..

i suppose i should also try to learn some french.


there are times i wish i was a photographer, and the first real snow of the season will usually do it.

i'm in a 22nd floor room at the marriott in montreal, looking west through blowing snow. there's a rooftop outside, about six floors down, playing host to a large canadian flag. it's a classic rooftop, in front of the modern bell centre, and it's a large, proud flag. words just don't work.


this is the first time i can ever remember that i can say i haven't had a caffeinated beverage in 10 days. i don't particularly miss it at this point.